Car Accident Rehabilitation at Home

It happens so quickly and you never expected it to happen to you.  Car accidents or motor vehicle accidents (including boating accidents and  and ATV accidents) frequently result in multiple injuries and complex rehabilitation.  Physio In Motion physiotherapists, massage therapists, kinesiologists and administration staff have the experience needed to help you recover quickly.  Your in-home treatment sessions are always one-on-one with your therapist and approximately an hour long.  Expect to accomplish as much in two in-home sessions as you would in three to four traditional physiotherapy clinic visits!

Physio In Motion is here to help you with expert car accident rehabilitation and experienced administrative staff.  Don’t be overwhelmed by appointments, paperwork and complex legislation.  Physio In Motion takes the pain out of attending appointments by bringing the help you need right into your home.

You Have the Right to Choose Your Provider

If you have been involved in a car accident you have the right to choose where you attend for treatment.  Your auto insurer may recommend a clinic or chain of clinics but you have the right to choose.  If you choose Physio In Motion your therapy at home will be covered just as it is if you attended a clinic.  We are a licensed provider for auto insurance rehabilitation in Ontario and can invoice your insurer directly for your treatment.

Auto Insurance Coverage for In-home Rehabilitation

Over the last 7 years changes to automobile insurance legislation in Ontario have drastically cut your medical and rehabilitation benefits.  Accessing your benefits has also become more difficult with the introduction of the Minor Injury Guideline (MIG).  The MIG is a small piece of legislation designed to provide access to rehabilitation funding without your insurer’s pre-approval.  The catch is that the MIG is designed to capture 80% of claims and it limits guaranteed funding to only $2200.00 with an option of extending that to $3500.00 in total.  Physio In Motion expertly navigates this legislation every day to help our clients access the funding they need to recover quickly.

For more information about auto insurance in Ontario, the Minor Injury Guideline, and what to do after you have been in an auto accident please visit the Financial Services Commission of Ontario.

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