Virtual Physiotherapy?

Physio In Motion began offering virtual physiotherapy during the COVID-19 pandemic to help our clients maintain the gains that they have worked so hard to achieve.  We were very surprised how well virtual physiotherapy works and our clients were very pleased to not be left completely unsupported during the period of time we were unable to see clients in person.  Our industry was very quick to pivot and a healthcare compliant video conferencing platform was launched to allow us to interact with our clients in a Zoomlike setting, but with enhanced security to protect client confidentiality.

As we returned to seeing clients in-person, Physio In Motion has elected to maintain virtual physiotherapy as a service available to our clients.  If you would prefer virtual rehabilitation please contact us to discuss availability.

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Physio In Motion in-home rehabilitation makes being proactive about your health easier, more convenient and more enjoyable than ever before. Our unique in-home services takes the pain out of getting to your appointment and lets you focus on feeling better.

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