Physiotherapy In Your Hospital Room

Our healthcare system is under stress and you or a loved one may not be receiving the physiotherapy care you need to maintain your health and mobility while in hospital.  If this is the case, Physio In Motion therapists are available as external care providers to supplement the care you are receiving in hospital.  At the request of the patient, or the patient’s family, and with the endorsement of the care team, Physio In Motion physiotherapists are available to provide care in most local hospitals.  Physio In Motion physiotherapists have extensive hospital experience and always work cooperatively with the hospital care team to optimize patient outcomes.

To access supplementary in-hospital physiotherapy start by discussing your request with your doctor or nurse.  Hospitals are very supportive of external care providers; however, there is a procedure to follow and a handful of requirements that must be met before an external provider is welcomed into the hospital.

When discussing hiring an external care provider with your doctor or nurse please:

(1) Request your hospital’s information package for patients who wish to hire an external service provider.  

(2) Obtain the name of a contact person is at that hospital for matters related to hiring an external care provider and collect their phone number, fax number, and email address so that Physio In Motion can contact them to provide documents.

(3) Once you have the information package in hand and have a contact person at the hospital your next step is to contact Physio In Motion to discuss your needs or the needs of your family member.  We will help you complete the documents required by the hospital and return them back to the hospital for review and approval by your care team.

“We understand that patients may wish to request the services of an External Care Provider, while being treated as a patient on site at Hamilton Health Sciences (HHS).  Consistent with the HHS philosophy of patient-centered care, a process is in place to accommodate patients requests to receive services from an External Care Provider”  Hamilton Health Sciences

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