An Exercise Specialist that Comes to Your Home

Kinesiologists and Athletic Therapists are strengthening and conditioning experts. Their extensive knowledge of human anatomy, injury and disease processes, and exercise make them your go to resource for rehabilitation exercise programs. If you want to avoid injury all together the Kinesiologist or the Athletic Therapist can help you identify posture and movement patterns that will lead to injury if left unchecked. Physio In Motion Kinesiologists and Athletic Therapists can show you how to make the most of the exercise equipment that you already own and suggest what equipment you might need. If you don’t have a lot of space do worry, the best exercises programs use your own body weight for resistance. Very little additional equipment is required.

Exercise for Athletes

From the weekend warrior to the varsity athlete Physio In Motion has the most convenience solution to improve your performance. We will identify areas of weakness and provide you with a solution to address each issue.  With the addition of this laser focus to your regular training program you can expect your competition to notice.

Exercise for Seniors

Conditioning and exercise programs are not just for athletes. Are you someone who is finding it increasingly difficult to do your favourite acitivites? Do you have an aging parent who needs some support to increase their activity level? A strengthening and conditioning specialist from Physio In Motion is just what you need. It is a physiological face that anyone at any age can get stronger and improve their balance and flexibility. Physio In Motion is here to provide the support, guidance and encouragement that you need. You will be amazed by the progress that we can make together.

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A Kinesiologist or Athletic Therapist from Physio In Motion can be life changing.  Let us know how we can help you.