Stroke Rehabilitation at Home

Physio In Motion therapists are very experienced with the challenges of rehabilitation after a stroke.  We understand that every client is unique and is facing unique challenges and has unique recovery goals.  Our therapists have worked with clients in their 20s to clients in their 70s.  Across the age and symptom spectrum our clients consistently comment how much easier it is to attend therapy at home.

What is a Stroke?

In the simplest terms a stroke occurs when blood stops flowing to any part of the brain.  Without blood and life giving oxygen brain cells in the affected area of the brain are damaged.  The effects of the stroke depend on what part of the brain was damaged and how much damage occurred.

When Should I Start Stroke Rehabilitation?

When rehabilitating after a stroke the broad objective is to recover as many abilities as possible.  Natural recovery begins as soon as you are stabilized and will continue to occur over a few weeks following a stroke.  Your recovery will be the most successful if you also start a stroke rehab program as soon as possible.  Physiotherapy after a stroke will help you relearn motor skills as the damaged areas of the brain adapt and reorganize.  We refer to the brains incredible ability to reorganize and compensate for injury as neuroplasticity.

The amount of time and rehabilitation it will take to recover from a stroke differs from person to person and from stroke to stroke.  Some people will experience significant recovery in a few months while others can expect it to take much longer.  A crucial member of your team of supporters will be your physiotherapist.  Your physio will help keep you focused and motivated and getting the most benefit from your efforts.


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