Pool therapy in a community pool or your own backyard

One-on-one pool therapy with Physio In Motion is so much more than attending a group aquafit class at your local community centre.  Group classes are great for general fitness.  We encourage you to check out the classes that might be available in your local YMCA or city run aquatic centre.  When you are rehabilitating from an injury, managing a chronic condition or addressing a specific complaint the best place to start is with one-on-one sessions.

A physiotherapist from Physio In Motion will help you get started by developing a fun exercise program that meets your specific needs.  We can even let you know about all the community pools available in your area.  Annual memberships are typically very reasonable in cost.  Physio In Motion can even help you implement a pool therapy program in your own backyard pool.

Once you’re comfortable with the program we are available to help you as much or as little as you want.  Ideally we will leave you with a program that is enjoyable and motivating to perform.  Keep it interesting by inviting a friend to exercise with you or consider joining one of the group classes we’ve already talked about.

Benefits of pool therapy

Pool therapy is very popular for three main reasons:

  1. It’s fun – everyone loves a pool!
  2. It’s warm – most community centre and city run pools are warm with water temperatures of 85 degrees
  3. It’s gentle – water provides an environment that reduces weight bearing loads on your joints and provides gentle and consistent resistance to every movement

Is pool therapy right for you?

Pool therapy is great for everyone and especially great for:

  1. Chronic Pain – If you have chronic pain or fibromyalgia pool therapy will provide you with the gentle resistance exercise that you need.  With only slow movements against the resistance of warm and soothing water this type of exercise won’t aggravate your pain.
  2. Limited Balance or Mobility – If you can’t exercise because you are nervous of losing your balance or falling pool therapy is a great option.  The pool environment provides a safe environment to challenge (and improve) your balance or mobility limitations without the fear of falling.
  3. Significant deconditioning – If it’s been years since you’ve exercise in an manner at all a pool therapy program is a great way to ease back into physical activity without experiencing the pain you remember from starting an exercise program at the gym.

Contact Us Today!

More information about pool therapy is just a click away!  Let us know how we can help and what city you’re in and we will follow-up with you very soon.  If you prefer, you can call Physio In Motion anytime at 1-866-374-9746.