Orla Hares ~Neurological Physiotherapist

Orla is passionate about Physiotherapy and caring for others. She has more than 13 years of professional physiotherapy practice experience including private clinics, acute hospital settings, movement disorder clinics, rehabilitation settings, geriatric rehabilitation centres and in the community. She has worked in the UK, Ireland and Canada.

Orla Hares holds a Bachelor of Physiotherapy (Honors) Degree from the University of Brighton, United Kingdon (2003) and a National Certificate in Applied Physiology and Health Science from the Institute of Technology Carlow, Ireland (2000).

As a life long learner, Orla’s education has continued post graduation with additional training and certifications in Lee Silverman Voice therapy BIG, neuro-development treatment (NDT) and Bobath, Bioness L300/H200, kinesiology taping, gait/balance training , and goal oriented treatments.

Orla likes to think outside of the box and encourage and support her clients to set and achieve goals they might otherwise think are not possible. Her calm, confident and compassionate nature is reassuring to her clients during times of stress or frustration.

Orla is an experienced interdisciplinary team member who regularly works with physicians, occupational therapists, dieticians, pharmacists, kinesiologists and other team members. She believes that also involving her client’s family in goal setting and treatment is very important.