As the owner of Physio In Motion physiotherapy in Hamilton, ON I have had the opportunity see first hand all of the popular knee brace options available over the last decade. However, until now my experience has only been handling the products and receiving feedback from our clients who have been prescribed knee braces.

GenuTrain Knee BraceA recent sports injury gave me an ‘opportunity’ to try some of our most recommended products first hand. My injury included a fractured patella (knee cap) and a significant sprain or strain to my ACL (ligament of the knee) with significant ACL laxity and instability of my left knee. While the patella fracture was uncomfortable, it was tolerable. The laxity of my ACL was much more limiting. It made walking difficult to the point that it was impossible to walk without a limp and walking down a hill or on uneven ground was challenging or in some cases just not possible.

When my condition had not improved significantly after a couple of week I decided to try the GenuTrain knee support by Bauerfeind, one of our favorite bracing suppliers. This soft and comfortable knee support is marketed as “active support for relief and stabilization of the knee.” When I received my GenuTrain I immediately pulled it onto my injured left knee, something that was easy to do with the integrated donning aid built right into the brace. The compression afforded by the GenuTrain was immediately comforting and felt great on my injured knee. The fabric was soft and comfortable and got even more comfortable over the first week. I could easily wear the GenuTrain for 12-14 hours at a time, even in hot weather, thanks to the exceptionally breathable and moisture wicking fibers. Best of all, this extremely light and comfortable brace provided a remarkable level of support for my injured knee and ACL.

While wearing the GenuTrain knee support I was able to walk with less of a limp, even on soft or uneven terrain. The compression provided by the GenuTrain knee brace provided pain relief at the end of a long day, and on more than one occasion I slept in the knee brace because it felt so good on my aching knee.

Available in three colours and seven sizing options the GenuTrain is an excellent product for very little money. After my own experience with the GenuTrain I would encourage anyone with mild to moderate knee pain, swelling or instability to try a GenuTrain by Bauerfeind. Call the Physio In Motion Therapy Centre at 700 Main Street East to schedule a custom fitting with Registered Physiotherapist, Jake Tumber. Call us today at (905)218-6556.