Every year over one million people will take time off work due to musculoskeletal injuries, resulting in lost personal income and productivity in the work place. This creates personal financial strain, as well as increasing the risk of injury later on and decreasing quality of life. Improving ergonomics in the workplace has been proven to have a dramatic effect on decreasing the risk and severity of injury, meaning that with simple tweaks to your office space you can help yourself avoid unnecessary trips to the doctor’s office.

  • Your screen should be lined up so that the top of your screen is at eye level. If you are a person who wears bifocals, tilt the screen up around 10 degrees and lower the monitor slightly.

  • Ergonomics.PNG

  • Your monitor should be a little shorter than an arms length away.

  • Keyboard should be at level with your elbow, tilted slightly so that your wrists can remain flat.

  • If you do not have wrist support, get something to help elevate your wrists slightly so that they can be resting and relaxed.

  • Your feet should be planted on the ground, and your hips should be at 90-100 degrees to your back. If your feet do not touch the ground comfortably, get a foot rest to support them.

  • Bring your chair close to your desk to avoid slouching.

  • To avoid eyestrain, look at something roughly 20 feet away to help avoid eye strain.

  • Try to get up and walk around every 30 minutes, even if it is just a short break.

Would you like the help of a professional to improve your office environment?  Physio In Motion would be pleased to help you create an optimized work environment in your home or workplace.  We can also create a 10 minute exercise program for you and your colleagues to perform at work when you need a break from your desk.  Please contact Physio In Motion at (905) 667-3979.



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