The functional movement screen (FMS) is a tool used to help identify muscle and movement imbalances that may otherwise be hidden in our daily activities through compensation. The screen is a seven part test comprised of different movements that simulate things our body does in daily activity. By breaking these movements into simple tests we can evaluate where there are weaknesses.

The FMS is not an evaluation in itself, but it allows us to find areas which need further testing to narrow down areas of dysfunction. Once the dysfunction has been assessed, we can look at corrective exercises to help correct the imbalances.

Although the FMS test is most commonly used in the sporting environment, the test is not specific to any age, gender or physical ability. It is merely evaluating movement and stability, or lack there of. The results are just as applicable for an olympian as they are for the sedentary individual who is looking for less pain when being physical.

In your FMS test, you will be scored on a scale of 0-3 for each exercise, with 0 being pain (with or without completing the movement) and 3 being a perfectly executed movement pattern. Once all the patterns have been completed, the practitioner can evaluate what further testing needs to be done based on areas of perceived weakness. After the evaluation is complete, a treatment and exercise program can begin to help regain optimal movement.

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