Physio In Motion has enjoyed a long relationship with most of the health clubs in the Hamilton area.  Many of our Hamilton physiotherapy clients have purchased memberships so they could participate in exercise programs as part of a long term physical rehabilitation strategy following an injury.  Our clients were free to have their Physio In Motion health care professional attend with them to setup and monitor medically appropriate exercise programs.  There were a few bumps in the road in the past decade but our local health club owners and managers have been supportive of our client’s need for support from a trusted therapist.

Earlier today Century Fitness (Formerly Premier Fitness) on Upper James Street and Upper Wentworth Street in Hamilton became the first health clubs in the city to stop a Physio In Motion therapist from attending with a client.  If you are an individual seeking a health club membership as part of your rehab program or a therapist looking for a health club for your client or patient please make sure the club you choose is supportive of members with medical and rehabilitation needs.  There are still many great options in our city.