Improve strength, flexibility, posture and endurance at home with an exercise program from Physio In Motion

The simplest and often the most effective form of treatment and prevention is often overlooked.  We all know that “exercise” is good for us, but what exactly is exercise?  Physio In Motion defines exercise as the purposeful use of a body system to promote the health of that system.  Body systems that respond quickly to exercise personal trainer talking to client on a treadmillinclude, but are not limited to, the cardiorespiratory system and the musculoskeletal systems.  The basic philosophy behind exercise is USE IT OR LOSE IT.  For example, if you want to maintain or build strong, healthy muscles you need to use them!

If you’re not sure where to begin or if you’ve had an injury and would like to make exercise part of your rehabilitation or part of your life Physio In Motion can help you.  One of our physiotherapists, athletic therapists, or kinesiologists can assess your needs and help you get started with a program that meets your goals.  An elaborate home gym is not necessary, all we need is enough space to move around safely.  Your body weight will provide all the resistance that you need.  If you have a home gym we can show you how to get the most out of it and if you are interested in purchasing home exercise equipment we can provide you with our recommendations.


Insurance coverage for exercise programs varies but typically most extended health plans can be used to help you establish a program as long as it is for the treatment of a functional limitation.  Auto insurance will almost always fund a home exercise program and even home gym equipment as part of the rehabilitation process.

Please contact Physio In Motion for more information about in-home exercise programs.  You can reach our new patient coordinator Maureen at (905) 667-3979 ext 1