An international expert panel chaired by McMaster University’s Dr. Reed Siemieniuk has determined that a common and minimally invasive surgery is essentially useless for knee problems stemming from arthritis. After reviewing 13 randomized trials the expert panel found that patients who underwent the surgical procedure had the same outcomes as those who didn’t. Arthroscopic surgery has only been shown to be effective for patients who have had a sports injury or experienced knee trauma from an accident. In 2013, and in Ontario alone, there was $31,000,000.00 in healthcare spending on knee surgeries that will most likely have no long-term benefit to patients. Instead of surgery, the first few steps before an eventual knee replacement should include weight loss and physiotherapy.  Physio In Motion also recommends that you consider an unloading knee brace as part of your arthritis management plan.  Our clients report considerably immediate relief when using a unloading knee brace.

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