When you hear the words “knee brace” the first image that comes to mind might be the heavy, awkward and uncomfortable knee braces of the past. But modern knee braces have little in common with the bulky knee braces of the past.

A modern knee brace for a ligament injury or for osteoarthritis ranges from a sophisticatedly woven web of fibres providing comfortable compression and support to a beautiful, custom, hand made and painted carbon fibre masterpiece. Both are light weight, comfortable and provide a tremendous amount of stability, support, pain relief and confidence to the patient. Depending on the patient’s condition, the knee brace will provide support for damaged ligaments or will unload the knee compartment where damaged cartilage is resulting in pain and stiffness.

Physio In Motion provides custom and off the shelf knee bracing from the leading manufactures.  Please call (905) 2667-3979 ext1 to speak with Maureen about an in-home knee bracing consultation with an experienced brace fitter.