Did you know that your shoe is not designed to fit you as an individual?  Shoe insoles are designed for the general population or a small section of that population. They are often adequate, but not specifically designed for the individual. During the average day, a moderately active individual will take between 5000 and 7500 steps. With each step you take when walking you are placing between 100-150% of your body through your foot. This increases to up to 300% of body weight when running. Due to the substantial load that you are placing through your foot every day, it is important to ensure that you have the optimal footwear.

It is also not just your feet that benefit from the orthotics. Your entire body compensates for your feet, with your knees, hips and spine all adapting to the ground reaction force coming from the feet to your head. When your feet are not properly aligned, the rest of the body will compensate and eventually break down. This may lead to back pain, shoulder pathology, hip problems and headaches.

For a truly custom made pair of orthotics contact Physio In Motion to schedule a biomechanical and gait analysis andcasting of your feet.  Physio In Motion utilizes a three dimensional scanning technology to produce the best possible orthotics for you.  Orthotic assessments are available in your home or at our 700 Main Street East clinic location.  Call today (905) 667-3979.