McMaster University Health Sciences Parkinson’s Disease Day

Tuesday, April 2nd, 2019 @ Liuna Station in Hamilton

Physio In Motion is proud to announce that our own registered physiotherapist Orla Hares will be speaking at the McMaser University Health Sciences Parkinson’s Disease Day medical education event at Liuna Station in Hamilton, ON.  Along with a esteemed group of physician neurologists, Orla will be sharing her expertise and experience in the area of Parkinson’s Disease with other health care providers.  Targeted towards community physicians, family physicians, general practitioners, internists, nurse practitioners, registered nurses, allied health professionals, medical residents, physician’s assistants and nurse practitioners in training, this is an exciting opportunity for Orla to discuss the importance of exercise and physical activity in the management of Parkinson’s Disease.  As a physiotherapist with a career focus on neurological movement disorders including Parkinson’s, Orla has seen the difference that exercise and physical activity can make to the patient’s quality of life and she is looking forward to share her wisdom with the medical community.