What is Parkinson’s

Parkinson’s is a chronic, neurodegenerative disease. Parkinson’s disease results from the loss of cells in the brain that produce the neurotransmitter dopamine.  Dopamine is the chemical responsible for transmitting signals within the brain that control the coordination of movement. Loss of dopamine results in the poor control of motor movements.

What Causes Parkinson’s

The exact cause of Parkinson’s is currently unknown. It is believed that a combination of environmental and genetic factors lead to a diagnosis of Parkinson’s.

Physiotherapy Treatment of Parkinson’s

Exercise plays a HUGE role in the management of Parkinson’s.  Excellent exercises included but are not limited to yoga, tai’chi, rock steady boxing, cycling / spinning, water exercises.  Most exercises help the brain retrain in some capacity.  Recruiting the help of an experienced physiotherapist is the best way to get the most from your exercise program.  Your physiotherapist will help you address specific problems such as weakness, balance issues, poor endurance and trouble walking.  Exercises in the management of Parkinson’s need to include LARGE and POWERFUL movements that are also purposeful and meaningful.  Let our experienced neurophysiotherapists show you how to regain control of Parkinson’s.