What is posture?

Your posture is the way that you hold your body against gravity when sitting, standing, walking or laying down. Good posture occurs when your body positions are optimized to promote balanced musculature and reduce strain on the connective tissues of the body. Good posture is also visibly pleasing.

Generally speaking we are born with good posture and balanced musculature. Over time our posture can change as our bodies adapt to our activities, lifestyle and environment. Adaptations can have both positive and negative impacts on our posture and body mechanics. For example, someone working in a physical occupation may develop increased lean muscle mass as they adapt to the demands of their job. Conversely, office workers tend to develop forward heads and rounded shoulders as their bodies adapt to the demands and extended sitting position associated with working on a computer.

Can physiotherapy help with bad posture?

Physiotherapists are the perfect healthcare professional to help you address bad posture and the underlying causes. A physiotherapist has the background knowledge to understand how your environment influences posture.